How to naturally fight the flu, colds and allergies

If you don’t listen to the whispers, your body will begin to scream!

Living with an autoimmune disease has trained me to keep constant awareness of my body. As soon as I feel myself weaken, the signs begin to whisper that something is not right. If you don’t act right then, the signs will manifest and something more serious will hit you and then you will have no choice but to pay more attention.

Autoimmune disease or not, this awareness of the whispers is something that everyone should develop in order to stay on top of your health.

So let me ask you… How does your body whisper? It will show up in your individual weakness because that is the easiest to attack.

For example, mine shows up in a virus that makes my face feel tender and my gums sore. Sometimes a tinge in the back of my head. These signs are so subtle and I can easily ignore them and go about my business…. But inevitably this will lead to full on sickness.

Instead, I listen to these whispers, heed the call to my body and go into defend and attack mode.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Most importantly, get extra sleep. This is when your body is in restore and repair mode and the only way to give your body a fighting chance to overcome.

  2. Use DoTerra On Guard essential oil twice per day. It’s magical. Never travel without it.

  3. Increase probiotic foods from my usual once per day, to 2-3 per day.

  4. Take a teaspoon of Fire Cider 2-3x per day.

Being proactive is key. It’s sends a message to your body that you are there to support and assist.

Together with mind, body and microbial friends… you have a winning combination to stay healthy!