I work one on one with clients who desire a healthier lifestyle, but are overwhelmed by where to begin. They are inundated by information and don't think they have enough time to sort through what applies specifically to them. 

Let me take the reigns and guide you through a few simple modifications that will drastically change your life. Together we will work step by step towards YOUR optimal health and wellness.

As your Health Coach, I will provide you with ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to determine what changes are necessary for you.

One on one services are for the Houston area.

If interested, Please Call or email me to see if my services are right for you.

takingcarayou@gmail.com 281.853.4878

Power Hour - Feel like you have a good handle on eating healthy? But still deal with issues such as energy bonks, weight gain, sugar cravings, low immunity or digestive issues? Or maybe still struggling with planning, preparation and variety? This ONE HOUR POWER HOUR is for you. Let's meet face to face over Skype and discuss small changes to make a big impact on your health and make clean eating work for your lifestyle!

Cost: $75

 Private Cooking Lessons - For those looking to improve their cooking skills in a simple and attainable way. We focus on the least amount of work possible to get the maximum amount of nutrition. My goal is to help clients understand how fast and easy a healthy dinner can be even when time is of the essence.

Cost: $75/hour

Quick Start Program



For the self learner who is looking for a quick boost into a healthier lifestyle.

Program includes:

2 hour personal health consultation and nutrition education session

2.5 hour Pantry makeover

2 hour Grocery Store Tour



3 Month Program



Includes 6 private- 1 hour sessions over 3 months

PLUS, discounted rates to all current events and classes

Ongoing support via text, email or phone


6 Month Program



Includes 12 private - 1 hour sessions over 6 months

PLUS, discounted rates to all current events and classes

Ongoing support via text, email or phone


Taking Cara Teens



In a world full of fast-food and active schedules it is difficult to make sure our teens are receiving the proper nutrition necessary to thrive in this world. In addition, we want to provide them the tools necessary to forage for themselves once they are independent.

Often times today, the teenager is looking for healthier snacks and meal options or maybe even wanting to try a vegetarian or vegan diet.  As adults we are accustomed to the way we have been cooking and eating for years and unsure how to support them with their efforts.  These classes are designed for teenagers and their parents who are interested in learning together how to create a healthier lifestyle for their home and support the nutritional needs of the individual teen and their family.

Program includes:

2- two hour sessions of hands on cooking and education

1- two hour session at the grocery store

For even more fun, have your teen find a friend and their parent to join you.

Same rates apply, cheaper per person.


Taking Cara Greens-  Green Smoothie Workshops

Cost of Course: 2-3 people - $150 per person

4-6 people - $100 per person


Our bodies require 12 servings of vegetables per day in order to function at optimal level. That is the size of 3 dinner plates piled high! This task proves to be difficult with today's modern diet and busy schedules. Green smoothies are a great way to help boost your vegetable intake and give your body the opportunity it deserves to perform all the miracles it is capable of.

Green Smoothies are helping people to reclaim their health all over the world. Just by adding one delicious Green Smoothie to your diet every day, you can lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, increase mineral and fiber intake, alkalize the body and reduce risk of chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer! 

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch as we:

  • Introduce and learn about the health benefits of green smoothies.

  • Discuss topics such as organic vs. conventional and discerning food labels

  • Create 4 of my favorite smoothie recipes.

  • Learn tips on storage and preparation to help incorporate blending into your lifestyle.

  • Learn about "superfoods" to help give your smoothies a boost.

  • Includes free recipes and one month of free email support.


*Note: This course takes place at my home in Houston, TX. If you live within 30 miles and would like to host a class at your own home, a $75 travel fee will be added