It's Spring! So why do I feel sluggish?

I woke up this morning feeling tired, lazy and weak. What the heck? It’s spring! Shouldn’t I be feeling a pep in my step?

Feeling sluggish or “stuck in the mud” is exactly what’s going on in spring time.

Outside, the ground is defrosting and breaking up. The snow melts and rivers start to flow. As the softened earth and water mingle, the ground gets muddy. If waterways are blocked from winter debris, the rivers get backed up and congested.

Inside, the same thing is happening. Our winter reserves of fat are beginning to melt and excess moisture is releasing. If we don’t move the winter “debris” of our bodies, there will be back up, showing up as congestion, sluggishness and even depression.

The shift in the soil, temperature and moisture, sprouts new life. And inside the same thing is happening. Notice how new ideas, creativity and a general awakening begins to rise with Spring.

Sooooo how do we capture this energy and break up the stagnation?

  1. Get moving people! Time to get out there and get the blood flowing so that this whole system can work FOR you.

  2. Eat lots of bitter and astringent foods like leafy greens, arugula, parsley, artichoke, asparagus, ginger, herbs and legumes. These will help break up fat and remove moisture. These foods are also alkaline and anti-inflammatory.

  3. Eat LIVING food, especially sprouts. If we want new energy that feels alive, we need to eat living food. Avoid processed foods and limit meat intake this time of year.

  4. Cleanse. Give yourself room to grow and sprout. Your cleanse can be as simple as eating less meat, eating completely vegan or vegetarian, adding a green smoothie or juice to your day. To go more extreme, you might try the Master Cleanse. With any of these methods, the focus is on moving and clearing using either high fiber vegetables or liquid.

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