My aha moment at Trader Joes 😲

Everyone knows Trader Joes is the best bargain in town for flowers. 🌷 And if you didn’t, now you know.

Last week Megan and I finished filming our episode on Medicinal Herbs for Simply Seasonal. In all honesty, I wasn’t too excited about filming this episode because I didn’t feel like I could contribute too much. But this is Megan’s wheel house, and of course we will cover it.

As we began to put the episode together, I realized just how important of an episode it was. All of these medicinal herbs and plants are growing everywhere around us, yet the common person (like myself) has no idea of it’s identity and what it can do to heal me, as it has for humans for thousands of years.

Back to Trader Joes… I stopped by to pick up lots of berries and flowers for the set of the next episode. 🍓🍓🍓‼️

I found the cutest little daisy looking flowers that would be great 🌼 I picked them up to check the price 💲 and was blown away!

Not at the price… which I expected to be low ($2.99)…

but the flower!… it was CHAMOMILE!

How many times in my life have I drank a nice cuppa chamomile tea knowing it’s good for sleepy time? And I have probably seen these flowers growing on the side of the bike path or on a hike… and stepped right over them. Not knowing.

…the DISCONNECT… Holy Cow!

I am so glad that I can now identify chamomile when I see it 🧐 and understand what it can do for me if I dry its’ flowers and seep them in hot water to make herbal tea!☕️

We are living in an era of removing all the weeds with the most toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. We are even trained by advertising to kill them and look at them as evil.

As Megan says, “Who wouldn’t want the immune system of a hard to kill weed?!”. 🤷‍♀️

Mother Nature didn’t put these “weeds” on the earth to ANNOY us, they are plants that are here to HELP us! They are nature’s medicine.

It could be overwhelming. There’s a lot out there. And I think that’s why I never jumped in. But like anything else, just start where you are. Find one herb that heals your specific condition and go from there.

Check out this episode Medicinal Herbs + Tea where we

  • share a list of the most common 101 healing herbs,

  • offer a coupon to purchase Megan’s Modern Sage hand blended teas using the highest quality medicinal herbs

  • share a source on where to purchase the herbs yourself.

Let’s reconnect with the earth with herbal tea! So Simple!